How to judge brake disc status?

How to judge the status of brake disc simply and accurately?

Rear end collision is an accident that people often encounter when driving on the road. After the rear end accident, the first sentence of many rear car drivers after getting off the bus is often "really didn't step on it". There are driving problems here, such as lack of concentration, failure to keep a safe distance from the front car, etc. But in fact, there is another situation that many people may not notice, that is "the braking performance of vehicles decreases". Now everyone lives very fast and often ignores the daily inspection of the vehicle, but we still need to pay more attention to the braking system! How to take care of it? Let's talk about it today.

When it comes to the brake system, the cars we usually use are disc brakes. The visible parts are the brake disc and brake pad, which are good friends. It is precisely these two parts that directly affect the braking effect. The brake disc and brake pad are worn parts. It is difficult to replace them in time. There will be wear indication marks on the edge of the brake disc, It needs to be replaced when it is worn to the adjacent sign line, and there will be a brake disc wear warning system on some medium and advanced models. Once it is worn to the critical value, the warning lamp will light up on the instrument panel.

In addition, the brake disc is easily scratched by hard objects during operation. If there are dents of different depths, the friction area between the brake disc and the brake pad will be greatly reduced and the braking effect will be affected. During daily inspection, you can touch it with your hand to see whether the surface of the brake disc is smooth and flat. If any problems are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

When you finish talking about the brake pads, the brake pads are more complex. How to judge whether the brake pads should be replaced? When you drive, the brake pedal feels soft or the braking distance is significantly longer, it may be caused by excessive wear of the brake pads. The hardness of the brake pads is lower than that of the brake discs, so the wear of the brake pads is faster than that of the brake discs. The consumption ratio of the two is about 2:1, that is, the brake discs will not be replaced until the brake pads are replaced twice. The brake pads also have wear marks, However, it is easy to be blocked by the brake caliper, which needs careful inspection. Generally, the thickness of the brake pad base is about 15mm.

Finally, it should be reminded that the new and updated brake discs are prone to squeak when in use. In fact, the two have not run in effectively. After use for a period of time, this abnormal noise will disappear. There is no need to worry too much. In short, the braking system is very important for the safety of vehicle driving. It is normal to check frequently. Don't judge only by the number of kilometers traveled.



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