What is the difference between brake pads and brake discs

Imagine what a terrible thing it would be if a car had no brakes or the brakes failed. The braking system is very important for the safety of automobile driving. Many car owners are more concerned about the condition of the engine and transmission when maintaining their car, but the maintenance of the braking system is often ignored. Often wait until the brake system is found to be working abnormally before checking and repairing it. This is likely to lead to brake failure due to sudden failure, resulting in great disaster. Here is the difference between the brake pad and the brake disc with the electric Bang Xiaobian.

Introduction to the difference between brake pad and brake disc: brake disc

The brake disc, in short, is a round plate, which rotates when the car is moving. The brake caliper clamps the brake disc to produce braking force. When stepping on the brake, it clamps the brake disc to slow down or stop. The brake disc has good braking effect and is easier to maintain than the drum brake.

Introduction to the difference between brake pad and brake disc: brake pad

Brake pads are also called brake skins. In the automobile braking system, the brake pad is the most critical safety part. The brake pad plays a decisive role in all braking effects. Therefore, a good brake pad is the protector of people and cars.

Brake lining is generally composed of steel plate, adhesive insulation layer and friction block. The steel plate shall be coated to prevent rust. Smt-4 furnace temperature tracker is used to detect the temperature distribution in the coating process to ensure the quality. The thermal insulation layer is composed of non heat transfer materials for thermal insulation. The friction block is composed of friction materials and adhesives. When braking, it is squeezed on the brake disc or brake drum to produce friction, so as to achieve the purpose of vehicle deceleration and braking. Due to friction, the friction block will be worn gradually. Generally speaking, the brake pad with lower cost will wear faster.




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